Why Choose Family Day Care

What is Family Day Care?

Family Day Care (FDC) is an approved form of quality home based education and care for children from birth to 12 years. Chasing Rainbows FDC is a network of registered FDC Educators who are guided and supported by a professional Coordination Unit. FDC Educators are self employed and run their own 'child care' from their homes.

FDC allows a unique small group Education for children where the Educator has the opportunity to develop trusting relationships with children on a more one on one basis as opposed to the larger settings of a centre.  FDC provides children with a more natural family setting with children of all age groups. This unique opportunity allows for younger children to develop from scaffold learning through their older peers and older children to develop dispositions of leadership and responsibility.

Chasing Rainbows FDC is responsible for the operation of the service, and is regulated by the Department of Education and Communities (DEC) under the Education and Care Services National Regulation 2011, Education and Care Services National Law Act 2010 and Children and Young Persons (Care and Protection) Act 1998.

Educators undergo a recruitment process and are selected and registered with Chasing Rainbows Family Day Care. Educators can provide care for a maximum of 4 children under school age or 7 children under the age of 13 years

For more information see Family Day Care Australia.


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