Felicity B

All three of my children have been in care at Karen’s Family Day Care. My eldest child is now in year 2 at school and my daughter and son are still in care. Family day care has always been a calming influence on my children. I love the strong bonds and friendships they have experienced with the other children in care, which I feel is important. I have recommended family day care to many of my friends as it has given them the calm, stable, nurturing environment I was looking for in child care.


Caroline M

Both of my boys have been to family day care. I love the calm, warm atmosphere of family day care and it has been the right choice for my family. Family day care has given my boys the opportunity to interact with other children, boosting their confidence, in a small family environment.


Kirstin A

Family day care has been the perfect choice for my daughter and family. I have seen her grow and develop into a confident little girl and I love the small group situation of family day care. My daughter receives loads of individual attention with family day care than should would get from a centre. I would highly recommend family day care to my friends looking for child care.


Michelle L

Rachel provided a caring and nurturing (and allergy free!) environment for our oldest son for 1.5 years until he transitioned to preschool. She then continued to provide our family with care for our youngest son who has settled in very easily and quickly. Rachel is always looking to get the kids out and about and facilitate learning through activities and conversations. We have always felt confident leaving our children with her and our children have stayed happy and healthy while in her care. I can't recommend Rachel highly enough.


Nadine A

Both my son and daughter went to Karen’s Family Day Care. Karen was recommended to us by a friend as we were new to the area. My children have had a great positive experience and have enjoyed the activities, outings and formed strong friendships with other children in care. Family day care has been our ‘home away from home’.


Michelle T

We chose family day care because I prefer the family home atmosphere with our son growing up with a close knit group of children. Research has also shown that boys do much better development wise in smaller managed groups where there is more personal attention and one on one time with their carers. Lucian loves going to day care at Rachel's. Even though he has only been going a short time he's had so much fun every time and has great rapport with Rachel and the other children.


Crystal B

My boys have a quite a sensitive nature and both went to Karen’s Family Day Care. Family day care has been a soft and gentle influence on them, developing their confidence and self- esteem. We recommend family day care to all our friends.


Samantha B

Rachel has been amazing for our little Evy. She has gone from being shy to an outgoing and confident little girl since starting family day care with Rachel. I would highly recommend Rachel to anyone. Evy will miss her and Ryder dearly when she leaves for big school next year.


Linda M

All three of my children have used family day care. I have found it to be the supportive, caring environment I was looking for my boys. I love the bond they have developed with their Educator and that’s the reason why we keep coming back.


Amanda L

 With Bonnie very nearing the end of her preschool days, we wanted to thank you for the 3 years she spent with you in family day care. As her first step into child care, Bonnie very quickly felt settled and comfortable with you. She looked forward to her days at 'Karen's' and was always keen to tell us all about what she did when we picked her up at the end of the day. Your house really was a home away from home for Bonnie. The other thing you gave her was a very solid foundation in friendships, one in particular she has held onto despite being at different preschools, to the point where we have just found out Bonnie and another friend she met at 'Karen's' will both be starting Kindergarten in the same class next year! Bonnie has often asked to go back and visit you, so I'm sure she'll be even more keen to do so when she can show off her new school uniform! We have recommended your family day care to several others and will continue to do the same.


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