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Karen Seymour, Service Manager at Chasing Rainbows Family Day Care

Karen Seymour has over 30 years experience in the child care industry; of which 23 years include running a successful Family Day Care (FDC) business from her own home. After many years working as a local FDC Educator and realising the need for a progressive, local scheme delivering quality early childhood education and care, our Service Manager Karen Seymour established Chasing Rainbows FDC in 2015.

Karen’s career in child care began working as a nanny with two local families over a number of years. Her experience also includes employment in a child care centre prior to starting her own family. Karen began working as a FDC Educator when her youngest child was 2 years old. She continued to successfully running her FDC business from home while raising her own three children and during this time has gone on to complete a Diploma in Children's Services.

Through the nurturing of the many children over three decades, Karen believes the first 5 years of a child’s life is the most crucial and lays the pattern of behaviour for the rest of their lives. These early years of a child’s life is when they need to be nurtured in a supportive environment to develop trusting relationships with the caregivers around them. When a child feels safe and has a sense of trust in their caregiver they will develop confidence and a willingness to engage in play-based learning. With this development of trust children can learn skills, knowledge and develop dispositions to help them achieve the true potential they were born with, now and later in life.



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