Meet Our Educators

Rachel's Family Day Care - Warriewood

Hi, my name is Rachel Alexander and I am located in Warriewood.

I opened my Family Day Care service in July 2012. In March 2014 my husband Ryan and I welcomed our son Ryder and in February 2017 we welcomed a second son Hunter. Ryder and Hunter love having friends to play each day and has formed some wonderful friendships with the children and their families. We love exploring local parks and visiting friends at other Educators homes. We also love hosting Educators and their children at our place. It is important to me that all children feel at home, comfortable and secure while in my care. My home becomes their second home. And I encourage them to reach their full potential in everything they do from putting their own shoes on, to creative experiences and writing their own names.

Prior to Family Day Care I worked as a nanny for 10 years to many families on the Northern Beaches. I completed my Certificate III in Children’s Services in 2003 and since then I have also completed a sleep guidance course. I am always current in First Aid, CPR and asthma and anaphylaxis training and have experience with children with severe allergies.

My husband works in replenishment at Woolworths Ltd and grew up with his Mum running her own Family Day Care since he was 2 years old. Family Day Care has been a great part of our lives long before we created our own service.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you and your child into our home.

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday. 8.30am – 4:30pm Flexible

Zara’s Family Day Care  - Avalon


I believe that creativity comes from the heart and that a child's learning environment should be open and closed and their voices should be heard and seen.

I believe that when children are happy and feel a strong sense of belonging they will flourish and achieve in their learning.

I believe that children need to be respected and in return they need to respect others.

I believe that everyone needs cuddles, to feel the earth in their hands and feet and to learn from each other.

Joining in with dancing, music and sharing a laugh completes my day!


I have been working in long daycare centres as an early childhood educator for 9 years from ages 0-5 years and have nannied and cared for children up to the age of 10 years.


While completing Year 11 and 12 I studied my Certificate 2 and then continued my study with my Certificate 3 as a trainee. Knowing that childcare was a career I wanted to further my knowledge and with this dedication to children I completed my Diploma. I also have a first aid certificate , CPR,  Asthma and Anaphylaxis training. As stated in the regulations,  I have a  Working with Childrens Check. Over the past 9 years I have attended several in-service courses and conferences relating to Early Childhood Education.

Operating hours

Monday to Fridays 8:30am-4:30pm


Louise’s Family Day Care - Newport

My Name is Louise and I run my Family Day Care from my home in Newport.  Previous to Opening my Business I worked in a Day Care Centre as a room leader.

I have four children, 21, 11, 7 and 4 all of whom love the involvement that family day care provides for them.

My aim is to open my home to your family and provide a loving, safe and secure nurturing home for your children to learn and develop their emerging needs.

I will observe and extend on your child’s interest to ensure their maximum potential is reached through play and imagination.

We will engage in lots of outdoor play and socialising with other educators and their children to help build our social skills, I believe family values should be taught from an early age, so I encourage all our children to pack away after we have finished playing, cuddle a friend if they are hurt and I strongly encourage empathy. I will support the children to develop their Independence skills by assisting them to set and clear the table and pour their own drinks, dress themselves, pack their bags and put on their shoes. We also like to bake healthy cookies and muffins and the children are encouraged to be involved.

My interactions with your children will ensure that they are supported to express themselves; their feelings and ideas, and are given opportunities to become self-reliant and to develop self-esteem.

My fee includes all nutritional home cook meals, sun cream and wipes, and any planned excursions.

After completing my Diploma in Children’s Services, I decided to further my education. So I’m currently Studying for my Bachelor In Education at Charles Sturt University, I hope to complete this in 2016. I hold all necessary qualifications, which include First Aid, CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management.

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday. 7:30am – 5:00pm

Frangipani Family Day Care - Avalon

Hello, my name is Lisa and my Family Day Care is located in Avalon.

Myself, my husband and our children will warmly welcome your children into our inviting home. I will provide a loving, caring and safe environment for your child to learn and have fun in.

I am a qualified educator and have all first aid requirements. I have worked for lovely local kindergartens – Bilgola Plateau, Palm Beach and Mona Vale.

I believe that children under three years benefit from being in a small group home environment. I will provide a loving, caring and safe home environment where your child will have fun, learn and make friends!

Fees include all food and milk.

Operating Hours: Monday – Friday. 8:30am to 4:30pm

Amy's Family Day Care - Mona Vale

My name is Amy Davies and my Family Day Care is located in Mona Vale.  I opened my Family Day Care in 2015 but have been working with children for over 8 years.

I have worked as a pre-school teacher and with ages from 0-6. I have been around children all of my life with my mum running her own day care since I was born and still to this day. I have my Certificate III in Children’s Services and all the current first aid requirements.

I have three beautiful children of my own which was my reasoning for opening up my Family Day Care. I love watching children grow and blossom and seeing how their little personalities develop as they grow up. Family Day Care really runs through my family with my husband's mum even running a day care at his house when he was growing up.

We enjoy exploring parks, visiting other Educator’s homes, going to playgroups. In Family Day Care your child will learn and build long lasting friendships and secure bonds with their educators.

I look forward to meeting you and your family and bringing you into our home.

Operating Hours: Monday – Thursday. 7:45am - 5pm

Jenny's Family Day Care - Nth Narrabeen

My name is Jenny Alexander and I have been a Family Day Care educator in North Narrabeen for over 30 years. My husband Bernie is retired and all the children affectionately call him "Poppy".

I have 3 adult children who are all married. My son Ryan workd for Woolworths and his wife Rachel is also an educator with Chasing Rainbows. They have given me my beautiful grandson, Ryder.

My daughter Amy is also an educator with Chasing Rainbows and she and her husband Tim have given me 2 more beautiful grandsons.

My daughter Kate was married this year to Ben. She is a primary school teacher at Wheeler Heights.

I began working in Family Day Care when my son was 2 years old as I had no family support in Sydney to help when I returned to the banking industry. I have been with Family Day Care continuously since then.

I have seen major changes in the way Family Day Care is run from having basically no rules to the professional education and care service that operates today.

I have cared for hundreds of children over the years and still have contact with many of the previous families who have used my service. I have even cared for 5 children from the one family.

I completed my Certificate III in Children's Services in 2009 and have a current first aid certificate as well as training in Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management.

I believe that every child is unique and deserves the best opportunity to develop into a happy confident person. Chilren need caring responsive relationships to help them learn and feel good about themselves. I aim to provide a happy, loving alternate family atmosphere at all times for the children in my care.

In my care, your children will explore local parks, visit other educators homes and participate in lots of group activities. Each day we read stories, dance, sing and participate in various creative experiences.

I look forward to welcoming your family into my home.

Operating Hours: Monday - Thursday. 7.45am to 4.45pm

Michele's Family Day Care - Balgowlah Heights

Hello my name is Michele McKenzie and I’m located in Balgowlah Heights.

With the support of my partner Giles and our little boy Oliver who is four, I look forward to providing a fun, educational and loving environment for your little one.

I’m currently studying my Cert III in Early Childhood Education and Care with TAFE and already hold essential qualifications including First Aid, CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management.

Prior to parenthood I was an Associate Director for an Asset Management company in the UK however I soon realised that returning to a corporate environment after Oliver was born was not appealing.  I decided that a new career in child care was going to be far more rewarding and enjoyable.

In light of this change I have been employed in a casual capacity with two kindergartens in Balgowlah and Balgowlah Heights and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time interacting with the children and learning from my colleagues.

Every day in my care your child will take part in planned educational activities such as story-telling, singing and craft providing an environment for your child to build confidence, self-esteem and social skills.

I very much look forward to welcoming your family into our home.

My fees include all meals and any planned excursions.

Operating Hours: Monday, Thursday and Friday - 9.00am to 4.00pm; Tuesday and Wednesday 8:30am - 4:30pm

Little Avalon Family Day Care

My Name is Emily Robinson and I run my Family Day Care from my home in Avalon.  I am married with 2 children ages 5 and 3. I am currently completing my Certificate III in early Childhood Education. My previous work employment was in child protection, holding a Diploma and Certificate IV in Community Services Welfare. I have completed 2 out of the 3 years of a Bachelor of Early Childhood Studies at Western Sydney Uni and I also hold a current First Aid, CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management Certificate.

My aim is to open my home to families and provide a safe, secure and loving environment for children to learn and develop their emerging skills, interests and needs. I encourage children to express themselves, become confident and develop a healthy sense of self and identity. Children’s interests are fostered through play experiences, imagination and creativity. I aim to build on Children’s socialisation skills and friendship groups by visiting are local parks, play groups and play dates with other Family Day Cares in our local area.

My Family Day Care fosters and encourages respectful loving friendships, empathy, love, security and identity.

My home is open to all families and their little ones.

Operating Hours:

Mon – Fri : 8am – 4pm, Flexible

Les Lapinous - Bilgola Family Day Care

Our mission, at Les Lapinous - Bilgola Family Daycare is to provide a loving, caring and safe environment for your child to learn and have fun.

We want you to feel safe leaving your child in our hands and we want your child to be happy to come to Les Lapinous.

My name is Cecile and I have 3 children, Sienna, Maya and Tiago (9,7,2).

My daughters go to Bilgola Plateau Public School.

Tiago was going to long daycare but now will be part of Les Lapinous - Bilgola Family Daycare.

I am from France and I have been in Australia for over 11 years (yes, I still have a French accent).

My background is in Tourism as I have always been and still passionate about travelling and exploring new cultures.

I have also been teaching French to children and adults. Teaching children made me realize how amazing it would be if I could spend more time working with them. I love watching them learning through play, interacting between each other’s, exploring new senses…

Tiago came along 2 years ago, and having no family around, I found I was struggling working, and getting care for my 3 children. So I thought about starting my own Family Day Care so I could be around my children more often and I could create a home away from home for other families.

Being French, I have always spoken to my children in French so they have become bilingual naturally. I believe learning a new language is great opportunity for our children. It opens their minds to new horizons.

I am including some French in our everyday routine, so don’t be surprise if they come back home with some French songs!

Oh la la!

Any feedback/idea/activity you would like me to develop for your child is welcomed.

I strongly believe in building strong partnership between you and Les Lapinous – Bilgola Family Daycare.

Days and Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Core hours: 8.45am to 4.15pm

Malinya Road Family Day Care - Allambie Heights


I believe children learn through exploration and engagement in play. I create strong relationships with the children in my care, encouraging them to be resilient, independent and empathetic to others. I create a sense of a home away from home for children, with a strong sense of security.

I approach each day with a sense of humour and creativity. I build a sense of wonder in young children through engaging in nature play, art experiences and connecting with the community through excursions.


I have extensive experience working with children in a variety of settings including long day care, family day care and nannying. I have had the privilege of educating children for the last 17 years. My love of educating children in the early years stems from enjoying being part of children's learning journeys and developing children's unique interests and strengths. I believe the small groups in family day care allow me to observe and extend children's interests to build on their natural potential.

I am excited to begin my new professional adventure working with Chasing Rainbows Family Day Care.


I grew up in Avalon, and enjoy everything the Northern Beaches has to offer.

I am blessed to have a beautiful 5 year old daughter who is beginning school in 2018. We enjoy going to the beach, play dates with friends, craft, gardening, exploring local parks and cooking together.


I have my Associate Diploma of Community Services - Childcare which I gained in 2003. I have a current first aid certificate and CPR training.

Fees inclusions

All fees include nutritious, home cooked meals, sun cream, wipes, nappies and pre-planned excursions.

Operational hours Monday to Friday 7.30am-5.30pm. Closed public holidays.

Julia's Family Day Care - Collaroy

Hello my name is Julia Stempel and my Family Day Care service is located in Collaroy. I have a daughter Amalia who 7 years old and attends Narrabeen Lakes School.

I am originally from Germany and am a qualified registered nurse. Because of the irregular work schedules with nursing, I become a Family Day Care Educator in 2010 after my daughter Amalia was born and I have really enjoyed working with the children and families since then.

With my nursing background I have many qualities that have helped my work as an Early Childhood Educator. I am patient person, a good listener, creative, imaginative, empathetic, respectful and loving.

The small group situation in Family Day Care offers children a warm and inviting place and is in my opinion a perfect start to care for children under 3.

My beliefs are to offer a respectful and peaceful education. If the child feels emotionally strong, respected, safe and secure it will be easy for the child to learn, explore and connect to other people and to develop their own personality. I believe every child is unique.

From the beginning, children have great potential. To allow this potential to unfold they need to experience variety in their environment. Learning programs, working with others, problem solving and also structure to the day will help them achieve this. I plan learning experiences through the children’s interest and needs and extend these interests and needs with future planning ideas.

Cultural and familial diversities is also an important in my practice. As I am from overseas myself I welcome new cultures to my service. I enjoy sharing my experiences from Germany and children will learn some German through stories, songs and rhymes which is in my opinion beneficial in the early years.

I like to experience nature with the children as that was something I always enjoyed in my childhood. There are many outdoors experiences which make play and learning more exciting and stimulating. We like to go to a local park which is surrounded by trees and has a big grass area. Playing in the garden and doing gardening is also an exciting part in my day care.

Each week the children will enjoy fun activities like play dough, sand, water, art, music, dance, stories and rhymes, physical activities and play.

My fees include morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea, wipes and sunscreen. I am looking forward to welcoming your family in my home.

Operating Hours:

Tuesday - Friday 8am to 5pm, minimum 8 hours

Kiz and Kids Family Day Care - Palm Beach

Hi, my name is Kirrilly Jacobs but most people know me as Kiz. I'm located in Palm Beach ( Nth- Nth Avalon!)

I live with my husband Nic, who runs his own gardening business called Mowtown, my two beautiful daughters, Lucy Mermaid & Coco Sunday, Darcy our 13 year old staffy, who I adore immensely & our 3 chickens Willow, Tassy & Big Red.

I obtained my Certificate III in Children’s Services in 2013 with the intention of one day opening my own day care. After 13 years of working at Avalon OOSH & a couple of years at Palm Beach Kindy (both of which I absolutely loved) & with over 20 years of experience working with children, I decided to open my own family day care in October 2016, Kiz & Kids FDC.

Children have always been a huge part of my life & I am so grateful to be able to open my door & share my love of nature, craft, teaching & learning with them. It's funny how much I learn off these little people, there's always something new & different everyday.

At Kiz & Kids FDC we sing, dance, read stories, cook & engage in lots of group activities as well as free play. I encourage independence & believe in learning through play.

I hold all necessary qualifications, which include First Aid, CPR, Asthma & Anaphylaxis management, WWCC.

My fees include all meals ( morning tea, lunch & afternoon tea)

I really look forward to welcoming you & your little one to our home.

Opening hours Mon-Thurs 8.30-4pm



Ring-a-Rosie Family Day Care - Narraweena

Our Philosophy at Ring-A-Rosie Family day care is to provide all children and their families with an environment that enables them to feel welcome, safe, engaged, stimulated and involved in their development.

We believe that families are the first and most important teachers in a child’s life and as a Family Day Care provider, we hope to be an extension of your family and nourish the growth and development that you have already begun at home with your child.

We are strong believers that the early years of development are fundamental to a child’s growth and the individuals they become. It is because of this that we invite and include all parents and caregivers to be involved into our curriculum and our daily routines and schedules.

While ensuring that we are guided by the National Quality Standards – Early Learning Framework, we allow our curriculum to be framed around the children’s interests and their specific needs. It is important to us that each child feels as though their individual needs and interests are met and we do this by using a holistic approach ensuring our service remains individualized.

Our learning environment at Ring-A-Rosie is one that incorporates both structured play and learning and an essence of free play where both styles of learning are derived from the child’s individual interests and needs. We aim to develop your child’s learning by assisting them to explore their world through stimulating play.

Our physical space at Ring-A-Rosie is one that focuses a lot on outdoor play and sustainability where we engage the children in water conservation, recycling and vegetation where the children can be involved in growing heathy food to enjoy.

The main focus of our Family Day Care is that we provide a warm and nurturing environment where the children feel safe and secure and our families can be confident in the team that they are entrusting their children with.

Our Family

Mum – Rachael 32 Years of age.

Born in Melbourne and raised in Sydney – actually raised in this street! My mum still lives a few houses up from my day care! I have 3 sisters – 5 nieces & 1 Nephew. Cultural background is Italian Australian.

My professional background is in social work and community services. Previously worked intensively with children and young people at risk of harm and in disadvantaged communities. Since having my own children, my career goals have shifted and I now want to work in a positive environment engaging with children in the early years of life as I believe this is the most important part of a child’s life and feel I can provide a safe, nurturing environment for young people to thrive and grow.

Currently studying my Diploma in early childhood education via Open Colleges.

Dad – Tanoa (Just call him T) 33 Years of age

Born and raised in New Zealand in a small town Called Pukehou on a farm where his mum still lives now. Came to Australia in 2006 for a holiday and looks like he likes it here because he never went home! This year we have been together for 10 years and have two beautiful girls together who are obviously the centre of our world.

Professional Background / Occupation – Scaffolder who is currently working in the mines in Olympic Dam in South Australia.

Miss Scarlet Rose – 4 Years of age

This little lady is our first born and at a young age of 4, she has already taught us much more than we could have ever imagined. She is obsessed with drawing and writing and is a happy, sensitive, quiet, creative, independent little soul. Scarlet currently attends day care 3 days a week however she will be home with us at the day care 2 days per week and will most definitely love having full time friends she can play with.

Miss Sadie Grace – 2 1⁄2 Years of age

The baby of our family. This little lady most definitely keeps us on our toes and in constant fits of laughter. She is wild, carefree, affectionate, playful, independent and strong willed. She enjoys playing outdoors and any type of creative roleplay. Sadie attends day care 3 days a week with her big sister however she will be home with us at the day care 2 days per week and she will be very happy to “help” look after the babies and children as she is a miniature mother!

Operating Hours:

Mon - Fri 7:30am to 5:30pm, minimum 8 hours

The Little House Family Day Care - Newport

Hi there, my name is Bronwyn and I run The Little House Family Day Care in Newport.  My husband Mark, our 16 year old son Hue and my elderly mother ‘Shirl’ (a much loved grandmother figure to the children!) are very much a part of my Family Daycare and the warm environment that welcomes you.

I am a qualified, registered Educator with a previous 8 years experience in a local kindergarten before starting my own family day care.

For me, the best part of what I do is watching friendships form and watching inquisitive minds grow! The critical first three years of a child’s life is when they form their thoughts, ideas and personalities and it is with this in mind that I aim to create nurturing, learning and safe surroundings.

I provide all meals and beverages with any allergies/intolerances in mind. I’m also very open to specific requests regarding these issues. My hours of operation are Monday to Thursday 8.30 – 4.30.

Toni's Family Day Care - Wheeler Heights

Hi my name is Toni . I run my Family Day Care from my home in Wheeler Heights where I live with my husband Paul and our three beautiful grown up children - Michael 23, Matthew 20 and Emily 19. My husband and I grew up on the Northern Beaches and love that our children have been able to have the same opportunity to grow, develop and explore in this beautiful area.

I am Diploma trained in Children’s Services and have had many years experience working in different types of child care settings. I am currently a teacher at Beacon Hill Community Kindergarten where I have been working for 2 days per week for the last 15 years. While working here I have had a lot of training and teaching experience with children who have additional needs. During this time I have also been fortunate to be able to spend time working in a local Gym creche, nannying for my friends and acquaintances and  for the last 15 months caring for Children at ‘risk’ which I have found to be an amazing and rewarding experience.

My aim with my Family Day Care is  to provide a happy, nurturing , safe and secure environment where your child will thrive and feel a sense of belonging and inclusiveness. I believe that in an environment where each child has equal access to opportunities respectful relationships can be built and nurtured. I aim to work in partnership with each family and encourage you to share interests, knowledge and experiences to contribute to your child's learning development.                    

I see each child as an unique individual and I will encourage, support and extend on their thoughts, ideas,  interests and strengths.

I also have a strong passion for environmental practices and empowering children to make choices for a sustainable future.

I look forward to welcoming you and your child  into my Family Day Care.


My fees include morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, wipes and sunscreen.

Hours: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8am – 5pm Flexible ( minimum 8 hours )

Kirby's Family Day Care - Collaroy

My Name is Kirby and I run my Family Day Care from my home in Collaroy. I hold my certificate 3 in children's services and am currently completing my Diploma, in the near future I plan to complete my ECT.  I also hold all other necessary qualifications such as; First Aid, CPR, and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management. Previous to Opening my family day care I have worked as a room leader and room assistant in a long day care service.

I also grew up in a family day care environment as my mum runs her own business also, I have lots of experience with children of all ages, and also have younger siblings who are 4, 7 and 11. I aim to provide a loving, safe and secure environment for your family and help your children develop their emerging needs.

I believe each child is an individual who has different needs, I will observe and extend on your child's interest to ensure they are meeting their maximum potential whilst in my care. We engage in lots of outdoor environments and take local visits to the parks to ensure you children is always interested and having fun whilst in care. My biggest belief is that children should have fun and be children, I also encourage lots of self help skills such as packing away after themselves and washing own hands, ect. I also strongly encourage empathy and respect, by this I will show the children respect and help them when in need, teaching them to do the same with their peers and educators. I will support each child to archive their own individual goals and skills. We also bake and prepare healthy snacks, and do gardening using a veggie garden. This encourages and teaches the children about sustainability and healthy eating. My program encourages your children to express themselves to promote their self esteem.

My fee includes all nutritional home cook meals, sun cream and wipes, and any planned excursions.

My hours are Monday - Friday 7.30am - 5.00pm minumum 8 hours

Bright Morning Family Day Care - Newport

My Name is Wanda Almeida and I run my Family Day Care in Newport  Previous to Opening my Business I worked in various Day Care Centres in the Northern beaches. My aim is to provide a loving, safe and secure nurturing home environment for your children to learn and develop their emerging skills.

A little about me -  My background is Anglo Indian, I have lived in Australia for 16 years now and have loved it. My husband is Australian with Scottish and French origins and we have two very active boys aged 6 and 3. I gave up my corporate role in IT almost 7 years ago to look after my children. I believe a child’s early years of education to be the most crucial, where their little brains are like sponges, absorbing anything and everything you throw at them.

A little bit about my FDC name – My mother, from whom I get a lot of my knowledge and ideas from, is a retired Montessori trained teacher who owned and ran a kindergarten of 40 plus children in Dubai-UAE for 20+ years, the name of her enterprise was called Bright Morning Nursey, so I decided to call my family day care – Bright Morning FDC, in anticipation of mum’s success and her continuous passion and drive for the education of young children. I have strong family values, that have been passed on from mum and dad and have enforced this in my own children. I would like to give back to the community and pass on similar values of love and nurture, through play and individualised attention. Whilst assisting your child in ways of expression, sharing their feelings and ideas that comes from a small secure family environment, I will also encourage confidence and independence e.g while making play dough, I will encourage the child to pour in the flour, mix the dough and choose the colours they want.

The earlier young children are given the opportunities and experiences to learn and communicate via sensory play, the more beneficial it will be to their overall growth and development, giving them the brightest start in life.

I will observe your Child's interests and encourage imaginative play through dress ups, storytelling and craft activities.  We will be making play dough, painting, learning songs, dancing, and generally having a lot of fun. There will be a lot of outdoor play and a weekly excursion to a huge outdoor back yard area, where I will get the children involved in gardening as well There will loads of opportunity to develop on your childs social skills and independence through the interaction of other children. I will also be including a babies and children’s yoga and mediation session once a month that will give your child the wind down time and stretching exercise required for their physical well-being.

I have completed my Certificate III and hold all the necessary qualification to run my family day care (WWCC, First aid, CPR, and Asthma and anaphylaxis certificate).

My fee includes a healthy variety of morning tea, a light lunch and afternoon tea, milk, wipes and sunscreen.

I am open Mondays to Fridays from 7:30am to 5:00pm, 8-hour minimum.

I am looking forward to welcoming your family into Bright Morning FDC.

Trentwood Park Child Care - Avalon

Hello and welcome! My name is Alice Ross. I am a wife and a mother to three beautiful children - Isobel, Charlie and Claudia. My Family Day Care is located in Trentwood Park, Avalon Beach.

The most enjoyable part of working in early education and care is watching the children develop their own interests, identities and understandings of the world. It is such a fascinating journey and so rewarding to be guiding each personality on their own unique path.

At the heart of Trentwood Park is a sense of belonging and connection to those around us. We treasure our bonds with family and friends, with our community and with our environment. We hope that our Family Day Care will quickly become a home away from home for your child.

Much of our play-based learning experiences are connected to nature and the environment. Children will help with our vegetable plot, care for our worm farm and get their hands dirty learning about composting. We also teach a recycling program and introduce the ideas of sustainability and healthy eating. A range of physical activity is encouraged and we love sand and water play. Indoor play is important too and we will observe and guide the children through activities that will develop social skills, independence and confidence. The daily activities are always balanced with down time and children will be given the opportunity to enjoy meditations, sleep and relaxation appropriate for each of their needs.

We want children to realise their potential and to build a foundation for successful learning in their early years and into the future. Above all else we will be having lots of fun with friends!

I am currently completing my certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care. I have current training in First Aid, CPR and Asthma and Anaphylaxis Management. My fee includes all nutritional home cooked meals and snacks, sunscreen and wipes.

Hours: Mon - Wed 8:30am - 4:30pm


Preschool Adventures Family Day Care - Bilgola Plateau

WELCOME! Hi there! My name is Brooke and I'm a wife and mother to three little monsters. I provide registered Family Day Care (small groups of children educated in my own home) from approximately six months to school age.

I began babysitting at age twelve ~ following in my mother's footsteps - she was an early childhood teacher while I was growing up. At sixteen I worked in a gym creche, and loved it so much I stayed for six years! After uni, I spread my wings to see the world.... I supervised a children's ski rental shop on the slopes of a ski resort in the USA, then taught Japanese kids to speak English in Tokyo. I had a fabulous time, and somehow, I was never far away from children!

​When I eventually came home I met my hubby and we started our lovely family - two feisty girls and one angelic lad! Life at our house is never boring! I helped coordinate and run the local Playgroup in Avalon for three years Such a fantastic experience for myself and my own children - they had regular playdates each week and I began to think running a daycare would be amazing!

Life is an adventure each and every day... but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Operating Hours: Tues - Fri 8:30am - 4:30pm flexible

Collaroy Family Day Care

Hi my name is Carmelina and I provide Family Day Care in a home based, safe, caring and personable atmosphere in which children can explore and make their own choices through learning activities, while interacting in a small group environment.

With over 9 years experience working in child care, I have always enjoyed being around children and I look forward to caring for the children as well as introducing educational activities with varying resources and toys that will develop their strengths and interests while guiding their progress. These activities include story-telling, writing, singing, arts & crafts, dramatic play, group time activities and so much more.

At Collaroy Family Day Care your child will receive more one-on-one attention, all meals will be provided and home-made to cater for any special dietary requirements.

Operating Hours: Tues - Fri 7:30am - 5:30pm

Karen's Cubby House Family Day Care - Beacon Hill

I run Karen's Cubby House Family Day Care and I am located in Beacon Hill.

My husband and I have three gorgeous children, Indiana (9 years old) and two boys Mason (3 years old) and Ashton (1 year old).

Indiana attends Beacon Hill Public school, Mason attends Rainbow Long Day Care in Narraweena and Ashton is my little helper and is with me each day.

While I am a ‘Newbie’ to family day care I have an enormous amount of experience in working with children.

I started 21 years ago as an educator at a long day care centre in Port Stephens where I was a room leader of the 2-3 year olds.

In 2000 I relocated to Sydney to become a full time live in Nanny in Beecroft and I loved it. I became part of their family and we travelled the world together.

I am very lucky to have found several other families on the northern beaches  to become part of throughout all the years of nannying. I am still extremely close with all my families that I have nannied for and I had to have 11 children as my bridal party when I got married because I didn’t want to leave anyone out because I just love them all so much. 19 years later I am opening my own family day care!

Children in my care become extra little members of my family. I get so much enjoyment from watching them learn and explore all the things that stimulate their little minds. We will sing songs, read stories, do lots and lots of craft, use their imaginations in creative play and make lifelong friendships. I will happily provide delicious meals, wipes, sun cream and planned excursions.

My qualifications are Certificate 3 in children’s services, First aid certificate, CPR, Asthma and Anaphylaxis, WWCC and National police check.

I am friendly, approachable and dedicated to provide your children with a family day care that makes them feel happy, safe and nurtured.

I look forward to meeting you and your family and welcoming them into mine.

Operating Hours: Mon - Thurs 8am - 5pm (occasional Fridays available)

Little Jets Family Day Care - Dee Why

Hi my name is Jazz,

My Family Day Care is located in our home in Dee why. Little Jets Family Day care opened in 2017. My partner Ben and I have a 2yr old son Jet who adores having his friends join him for kindy time at home.


Our Beliefs

Little Jets Family Day Care values and believes in the qualities and uniqueness of each child and their individual needs. It is our wish to support and nurture children in a loving, caring environment that they can call their home away from home.

Each child has the potential to bring something unique and special to the world. By providing a safe and secure environment, children are free to play, explore and investigate their capabilities and the world that they live in.


How we Learn

Each Day we explore the interests of the group and the individual child through learning experiences that are linked to the 5 key learning areas in the Early Years Learning Framework.

Children’s learning is observed and extended on, on a daily basis.

Your child’s learning is documented and sent home each week; photos are sent daily.

The children will explore local parks, music and movement class, nature-based experiences, community, culture, cooking, imaginative play, creative art and craft, problem solving and puzzles, Gross motor, reading, numbers and colours, counting and much more.


I am a diploma trained educator who has gained extensive experience in the childcare industry over the last 8 years.

I have been working with children in a variety of settings- Long Day care with each age group, in-home care with special needs children, Vacation care/ before and after school care with primary aged children and have nannied for many families.

I have a current and up to date First Aid, CPR and Asthma and Anaphylaxis training. I hold a current working with children’s check.

I have attended many courses relating to care, teaching practice, behaviour management etc.

I am always looking to further my knowledge and so continue to research and attend conferences and training where possible.


Operating Hours

Monday to Thursday 8:00am - 5:00pm

What’s included

Healthy and nutritious meals and snacks prepared at home.

Nappies, wipes and Nappy rash cream.



Our little family cannot wait to welcome your family into our home.


Contact Us

P:   0431 986 605