Service Philosophy

Chasing Rainbows Family Day Care Service Philosophy

At Chasing Rainbows Family Day Care (FDC) our aim is to provide the highest level of care and education for all children in the service. We understand the early years of a child’s life are crucial to building strong foundations that will support their development and a strong sense of well-being. We are committed to providing an environment which will enable each child to feel safe, secure and supported. By creating a feeling of acceptance and a sense of belonging each child will be supported to reach their full potential.

The 'rainbow' in Chasing Rainbows FDC represents the
child and each colour of the rainbow has a meaning and purpose.









A rainbow is made with layers of colours and a child is born with layers of potential. Each layer and colour is just as vitally important as the other. As early childhood Educators we all have a duty of care to ensure that that these layers are nurtured and developed to allow each child to succeed and achieve in life.

We understand that each child is unique and every child has individual needs and learning styles. We believe in a holistic approach to teaching, learning and supporting the child to develop their mind, body and spirit.

We embrace each and every Educator as individuals and know they are also unique and will offer education
and care programs that will reflect their beliefs, backgrounds, ideals and family lifestyle. Our programs, policies
and procedures adhere to the National Quality Standard and reflect the Principles and Practices of
The Early Years Learning Framework. We are passionate about early intervention and the importance of
building a strong foundation in early childhood so children will grow and develop with the skills to equip
them to deal with life now and success later in life.

Our service is focused on meeting the needs of each child and their family. We believe in building programs around the belief that children create their own knowledge and learn through active involvement in play. Programs that allow opportunities to learn through play and are based on the children’s interests, abilities and needs.

We actively promote building strong relationships with our families and Educators. We believe in respect and the diversity of families and communities and the aspirations that they hold for their children. We make decisions in the service that respect the children’s rights to have their cultures, identities, abilities and strengths acknowledged and valued. Our aim is to build strong partnerships with Educators, staff and families as this creates a wonderful sense of belonging which is vital to the learning environment of our children. We believe we are all unique and have unique qualities that can be shared and experienced together so we can all grow and learn in a community setting.

We believe that we all continue to grow and develop and are constantly evolving even as adults. We are always striving for ways of improving our service and aim to achieve this through the ongoing process of reflection and review with the collaboration of both staff and families. We are committed to ongoing training and learning in the child care field and will continue evaluate our service and our Policies and Procedures.





Energy and passion


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Security and trust


Self-awareness and intuition


Spirituality and imagination


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