Aims Of Our Service

Our Mission

To provide high quality, accessible and affordable home based
child care which is relevant and responsive to the needs of families
and the community;

To promote the learning and development of each child by
recognising and accepting their individuality;

To build a relationship based on trust amongst staff,
Educators and families;

To provide children with quality care inclusive of their culture, age, religion, gender, and physical/intellectual development and abilities;

To provide opportunities for family involvement in the service;

To utilise existing resources in the community, including
people with knowledge, skills and experience in child care, to provide
a culturally relevant service; and

To provide quality programs for children which meet with The National Quality Framework for Education and Care Services.

We aim for Educators to create learning environments that
challenge and evoke curiosity and creativity and provide spaces that
combine individual and small group opportunities.

We aim to guide and support children in a caring and flexible
environment that extends their interests and encourages
self-help skills and independence.

We aim to provide learning environments that acknowledge
different learning styles and invite children and families to contribute
ideas, interests and questions.

We aim to develop your child’s learning by working closely together
in partnership with families to ensure effective programs are delivered
in a supportive environment.


Contact Us

P:   0431 986 605